Get Meet Your Maker Day 1 as a PlayStation Plus Month-to-month Sport, out April 4

Get Meet Your Maker Day 1 as a PlayStation Plus Month-to-month Sport, out April 4

Decide which type of Raider and Builder you will be in Behaviour Interactive's upcoming PlayStation Plus game.

What better way to celebrate Meet Your Maker's April 4 release date than to offer it on April 1 as part of the April 2023 PlayStation Plus Month-to-Month Video game lineup?

Although there's no better feeling than finally seeing players grasp a game, Meet Your Maker's consideration of user-generated material materials makes this launch particularly noteworthy.

Get Meet Your Maker Day 1 as a PlayStation Plus Month-to-month Sport, out April 4

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Generally speaking, this is a bizarre playground where anyone can let their imagination run wild and challenge one another with abilities we could never have imagined. We're eager to see what the rest of the world can accomplish after witnessing our playtesters' incredible display of creativity and talent.

Here are some player-inspired profiles to help diffuse tension if you need inspiration to advance your approach to setting up or raiding on April 4.

What kind of Builder are you?

Being enthusiastic about the experience you want to build for Raiders is an essential component of Meet Your Maker and goes beyond just being a satisfying conclusion to assemble. Use your eerie inventiveness to make one element stand out and earn Raider awards to fuel future improvements to your Outpost.

Who Made the Maze

You must construct a clear path from each Outpost's entrance to the Genmat at its center in Meet Your Maker, but there's no requirement that this path be simple to follow. Come together like a Maze Maker and transform the Outpost's physical layout into another adversary players must contend with. Confounding Raiders can be achieved using twisting hallways, verticality, numerous branching corridors, and trap-filled, useless ends.

In addition to strategically positioned traps, guards are an indispensable tool in the Maze Maker's toolbox. For best effect, personally file every one of their patrol routes by your maze. Next, increase the stakes by giving guards Augments like Unleashed, allowing them to stray from their patrol route and pursue Raiders until killed.

The Trapper

Many of Meet Your Maker's most satisfying moments occur when a Raider believes they have avoided your cunning lure setup, only to discover they have been constantly herded through the course of the specific threat. The trapper enjoys chaining traps together and thinking strategically to stay one step ahead consistently.

You will likely outfit each lure with modifications to grant you ultimate control over how (and when) they are used. To create a whole new maze for the Raider to navigate while figuring out their plan, traps could also be modified to cause all of the items to explode upon destruction, set off higher than quickly, or remain invisible until the Raider grabs the Genmat.

The Visionary

Although outposts are naturally lethal, we've also seen Builders achieve incredible results by focusing entirely on aesthetics and immersion. The Visionary's objective is to put together a deadly mural, taking their time to design a scene with just the correct amount of props, decals, construction, and color schemes that are meant to make a raider's jaw drop.

In addition to the principal toolbox, the Base Sport includes the Fort Siege Deco Pack, which can be used to construct gloomy lairs and medieval strongholds. After the game launches, we'll release an uninterrupted stream of themed Deco Packs similar to this one, each of which can be used independently or creatively.

What kind of Raider are you?

In Meet Your Maker, as a Raider, you will assume control of a collection of unique Outposts created by players from across the globe. Your objective is to enter, take control of the Genmat, and flee while still alive. There is no right or wrong way to raid, and what suits you the most ultimately depends on the kind of player you are.

The Thinker

Since this is typically a one-shot, one-kill recreation, using a systematic approach is your best bet. Look around every corner, see how much information you can find about a room before entering it, and attack with a strategy. Take on the role of a Builder, load as many weapons as possible, and take an Outpost's defenses one calculated step at a time.

The Speedrunner

You can become a Speedrunner if you're all about breathtaking leisure and adrenaline. Try looking for and encouraging a precise technique for runs that rely solely on quick reflexes, and let your Grapple Hook send you flying through every room. How can a Builder predict what you will do next if you don't even know yourself?

The Perfectionist

You want to destroy an Outpost and send the Builder back to the drawing board, not just beat it. Completionists support all of the other items in addition to the Genmat. Before you escape:

  • Find the legacy merchandise.
  • Break every lure.
  • Kill every guard.
  • Clear every room to gather loot.

And remember that it's always more enjoyable to raid with a great friend, regardless of whether you're building or raiding. When an Outpost doesn't go down, Builders can band together, divide the work, and work together to create the final phrase deathtrap. Raiders can bring a great friend into the battle for some crazy action.

We went all the way to develop Meet Your Maker into something unique, and we are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received along the way. We sincerely hope you find the wasteland as aesthetically pleasing as we have found it.

Play Meet Your Maker on April 4 as part of the April Month-to-Month Video Game lineup. It is available with PlayStation Plus memberships. Meet Your Maker will likely be available for PS4 and PS5.

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